Journal Club Presentation Series Schedule Fall 2014

 Name  Date   Topic of the presentation
 -  08/29/2014  -
 -  09/05/2014  -
 James Tracy 09/05/2014 Withdraw (No Presentation)
 Debisree Ray 09/19/2014
Experimental Test of Parity Conservation in Beta Decay 
 - 09/19/2014
 Wasanthi De Silva 10/03/2014 Superconducting Quantum Bits 
Nur Azizah  10/03/2014 Withdraw (No Presentation) 
 Umesh Silwal 10/17/2014 Withdraw (No Presentation) 
Zhiyong Gong 10/17/2014 Optical trapping and Binding 
Jehan Seneviratne  10/31/2014 Natural light illumination systems 
 Durga Siwakoti 10/31/2014 Withdraw (No Presentation) 
Cr Bhatta  11/14/2014  Exploring LIBS for nuclear materials analysis and in-situ applications
 Zhangjin Xu 11/14/2014 Natural light illumination systems 
 Shane Clark  11/28/2014 Optical diagnostics of atmospheric pressure air plasmas 
Peter Anderson 11/28/2014 Withdraw (No Presentation) 


First Prize :         Jehan Seneviratne 

Second Prize :    Shane Clark

                       Congratulations to both of you for your great presentation.