Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) Journal Club

Journal Club Guidelines for Presenters



1. There will be 3 presentation categories. For the categories and eligibility of awards please visit:


2. Maximum presentation time allocated:

Presentation Category

Time for Presentation

Time for Questions

Minimum Time

Maximum Time

New Idea

20 minutes

30 minutes

10 minutes

Journal Article

15 minutes

25 minutes

5 minutes

Own Research

15 minutes

20 minutes

5 minutes

Points will be deducted for being off the allocated time frame.


3. Presentations must be submitted by the presenter for general approval to the Journal Club

Coordinator at least one day prior to presentation (usually, you will have to submit the presentation at least by Thursday since the Journal Club meets on Fridays).


4. A “final draft” of the presentation (in PDF) must be submitted to the Journal Club Coordinator for archive purposes.


5. Presentation equipment: You do not need to bring your own laptop to the presentation. Once you submit your PDF a copy of the submitted presentation will be transferred to the PGSA Journal Club laptop and make available for you during the presentation time. It is a good practice you get familiarized with the presentation equipment and environment in advance.


6. Any special accommodations needed by the presenter needs to be expressed to a Journal Club Coordinator at least two days prior to the presentation so that these needs could be met effectively.


7. All attendees to the presentation will be given a Journal Club Evaluation Form, which needs to be completed and turned in to the Journal Club Coordinator at the end of the presentation session. The evaluation form will comprise of 2 parts:

i. Itemized ratings of various presentation factors.

ii. General feedback questions/statements to the presenter.

The forms will be submitted to the Journal Club Faculty Advisor. Once the relevant information for evaluation purposes is recorded part (ii) of the evaluation will be given to the presenter.

Format of the Journal Club Evaluation Form can be found here:


Note: These General Guidelines are subject to change, as we continue to develop the program each semester.