The PGSA is a common platform for all the graduate students in Physics & Astronomy Department here at MSU. Its purpose is to foster interaction within and among the grad students for all academic (and beyond) interests . It is a non-profit organization that promotes and emphasizes the true atmosphere for learning and working here -- by arranging regular talks by students and faculty members, interactive sessions, workshops, etc. Apart from academics, the PGSA is a venue to increase social interaction and activities among the grad students . Through regulary meetings and the occasional arrangement of pizza-party events, the PGSA promotes and supports the multicultural atmosphere here at MSU, and helps students to get some fresh air after a long, hard-working and pressurized week. " 



The PGSA was formed in 2009, with the adoption of the PGSA Constitution and the election of the first President and officers.  The organization grew slowly until 2012, when the first department t-shirt was  produced, and the current framework of the organization began to stabilize.  In 2013, the PGSA developed and adopted a logo, which helped to give the club an identity.  That same year, the official PGSA website was launched, and a " Journal Club " lecture series was begun.


The PGSA helps the graduate students and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at MSU to work more effectively together to provide a more complete experience at Mississippi State University.  In addition to the teaching and research assistantships, some of the activities that the PGSA participates in includes

  • Welcoming incoming new and visiting prospective graduate students
  • Journal Club presentation series
  • Upper and Lower Science Fair judging and demonstrations
  • Outreach to local communities' schools
  • Mississippi Academy of Sciences (annual meeting)
  • Graduate student research symposium

And much more!