Journal Club Schedule Spring 2014

 Name  Date   Topic of the presentation
 James L Tracy, Jr  01/31/2014 "Evidence for the Wobbling Mode in Nuclei"
 Xiaolin Zhang  02/14/2014 "Learning and Scientific Reasoning"
 Jehan Seneviratne  02/14/2014 "Research on a Lecture-Tutorial Approach to  Teaching Introductory Astronomy for Non-Science  Majors"
 Umesh Silwal  02/28/2014 "CP violation in B meson decays"
 Wei Wu  02/28/2014  "A revolution in optical manipulation
 Durga Siwakoti  03/28/2014  "Observational evidences for the expansion of accelerating universe"
 Wasanthi De Silva  04/11/2014  " Design and Validation of the Quantum Mechanics Conceptual Survey"
 CR Bhatt  04/11/2014  "Reducing the Gender Achievement Gap in College Science: A Classroom Study of Values Affirmation"
 Mahesh Ghimire  04/25/2014 "Optical trapping and manipulation of single cells using infrared laser beams"
 Che. A. Fuh  04/25/2014  "Laser-induced plasma ignition studies in a model scramjet egine"


First Prize :        Wei Wu

Second Prize :  Durga Siwakoti

Third Prize :      Mahesh Ghimire