Journal Club Schedule Fall 2013

 Name  Date   
 James L Tracy, Jr    "Low-spin excitations in the 109Tc nucleus"
 Fadi Sun    "Topological phase transitions in the non-Abelian honeycomb lattice"
 Yixiang Yu    "Spin-Orbit Coupled Fermi Gases across a Feshbach Resonance"
 Vivek Dikshit    "Discovery of C60"
 Zhou Li    "The Metropolis algorithm and the Ising model"
 Mahesh Ghimire    "Surface plasmon resonance optical cavity enhanced refractive index sensing"
 Navaraj Subedi    "Mie Scattering"
 Wei Wu    "Broadband Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy for Sensitive and Rapid Molecular Detection."
 Jehan Seneviratne  
 "Invisibility cloak: Controlling Electromagnetic Fields"


First Prize :        Nava Subedi

Second Prize :       Wei Wu

Third Prize :       Jehan Seneviratne