The PGSA is a common platform for all the graduate students in Physics & Astronomy Department here at MSU. Its purpose is to foster interaction within and among the grad students for all academic (and beyond) interests . It is a non-profit organization that promotes and emphasizes the true atmosphere for learning and working here -- by arranging regular talks by students and faculty members, interactive sessions, workshops, etc. Apart from academics, the PGSA is a venue to increase social interaction and activities among the grad students . Through regulary meetings and the occasional arrangement of pizza-party events, the PGSA promotes and supports the multicultural atmosphere here at MSU, and helps students to get some fresh air after a long, hard-working and pressurized week. " 


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In Fall 2013, the Physics Graduate Student Association (PGSA) at MSU began a High School Outreach program, designed with the goal of visiting local high schools (public and private) several times throughout the academic school year. In these outreach visits, several graduate and undergraduate members would go to the high school and interact with students, using interactive demonstration presentations, a brief preparation lecture regarding the day's lesson topic, and then full student participation in selected laboratory activities.

Our Outreach mission is to make contact with high school students and introduce them to interactive, hands-on physics experiments and demonstrations, so as to inspire curiosity in the world around them and encourage them to pursue interests in the sciences.

Depending on the needs of the school, we tend to visit with 4-6 PGSA representatives (graduate students), with plans to stay for several class periods. Our intentions in these outreach events is to make contact with as many students as possible, so we try to invite students from other science and math classes to join our activities. We try to orchestrate our visits and the lab activities to follow the standard curriculum progression.



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MSU PGSA Members after participating on a Cricket Match

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Name Degree Graduation Year Current Affiliation
Pranam, Ravi MS Summer, 2014  
Abdurazakov, Omadillo MS Summer, 2014  
Nandadasa, Chandani MS Fall, 2013 Mississippi State University (PhD Candidate)
Marsh, Jarrod MS, PhD Fall, 2013 Lecturer of Physics at Mississippi State University
Sahay, Peeyush MS, PhD Fall, 2013 Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Memphis
Liyanage, Laalitha MS, PhD Spring, 2013 Postdoctoral Research Associate at Central Michigan Univversity /Visiting Scholar at University of North Texas
Fernando, Lakma Nippalage MS, PhD Summer, 2013 Postdoctoral Research Fellow at North Carolina Central University
Kaya, Malik MS, PhD Summer, 2013 Assistant Professor of Physics at Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey
Seneviratne, Jehan MS Summer, 2013 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Ramos, Christopher MS Fall, 2012 Contract Researcher, Mississippi State University
Srungaram, Kumar Pavan MS Fall, 2012 PhD Student at Sunny Downstate Medical Center
Wu, Wei MS Fall, 2012 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Al-Masalha, Azmi MS Spring, 2012 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Ruzmetov, Talant MS Spring, 2012 PhD Student at Kent State University
Song, Pil Jeong PhD Spring, 2012  
Tripathi, Mani Markandey MS, PhD Spring, 2012 Research Fellow Havard Medical School /Massachusetts General Hospital
Unz, Ronald MS Spring, 2012 Research Associate at Institute for Clean Energy Technology, Starkville,MS
Vaughan, Charles MS Spring, 2012 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Dayal, Saurabh MS, PhD Summer, 2012 Intel Corporation, Oregon
Abusara, Hazem MS, PhD Fall, 2011 Assistant Profesor of Physics at An-Najah University, Palestine
Pardaev, Shokir MS Fall, 2011 PhD student at Kent State University
Subedi, Adesh MS Fall, 2011 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Dikshit, Vivek MS Spring, 2011 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Guerra, Marta Fernandez, MS, PhD Spring, 2011 Instructor of Physics at Mississippi University of Women
Leggett, Edward MS Spring, 2011 Physics Insructor MS School for Mathematics and Science
Ndukum, Luwani MS Spring, 2011 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Wang, Guangjun PhD Spring, 2011  
Guldal, Serkan MS Summer, 2011 PhD student at University of Alabama Birmingham
Miller, Tracy MS Summer, 2011 Mechanical Engineer at Nissan, Canton MS
Herath, Chamini MS Fall, 2010 Scientific Officer at Atomic Energy Authority, Sri Lanka
Li, Xin MS, PhD Fall, 2010 Assistant Professor at Millersville University, Millersville, PA
Ilyushkin, Sergey MS, PhD Spring, 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado School of Mines
Moitra, Amitava MS, PhD Spring, 2010 Scientist-D, S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
Solomon, Lazarus MS, PhD Spring, 2010 Physics Instructor at Mississippi State University
Varghese, Chris MS Spring, 2010 PhD student at Duke University
Nuruzzaman, Nuruzzaman MS Summer, 2010 PhD student at Hampton University
Durst, Phillip MS Fall, 2009  
Eseller, Kemal MS, PhD Fall, 2009 Asst. Prof. at Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Atilim University, Turkey
Ihalawela, Chandrasiri MS Fall, 2009 PhD Student at Ohio University
Mu, Ruiyuan MS Fall, 2009  
Schaefer, Katja MS Fall, 2009 Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Loyola University, New Orleans
Srivastava, Nimisha MS Fall, 2009 Senior Process TD Engineer at Intel Corporation, Oregon
Narayan, Amrendra MS Spring, 2009 PhD Student at Mississippi State University
Shu, Jie MS Spring, 2009 PhD Student at Rice University
Yadav, Ram MS, PhD Summer, 2009 Post doctoral Research Associate, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Mississippi State University
Jelinek, Bohumir PhD Fall, 2008 Assistant Research Professor, Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Ijaz, Qurat-Ul MS Spring, 2008 Lecturer of Physics at Troy State University, Alabma
Lanje, Appolinaire MS Spring 2008 PhD student at University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Zhang, Yanci MS, PhD Spring, 2008  
Tiwari, Vidhu MS, PhD Summer, 2008 Sr. Asst. Professor, Department of Physics, SRM University, India
Carrigee, Craig MS Fall, 2007 earl River Community College, Poplarville, Mississippi
Hardikar, Rahul MS, PhD Fall, 2007 Research Scientist, Materials Research Center, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Kim, Kyu Chan MS, PhD Fall, 2007 Research Professor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Oh, Yong Seong PhD Fall, 2007  
Verma, Poonam MS, PhD Fall, 2007 Post doctoral fellow at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Yancey, Amber MS Fall, 2007  
Tipparaju, Satya Venkata MS Summer, 2007  
Jayaprakash, Ashwini MS Fall, 2006 Android Application Developer at Thales Avionics, Irvine, California
Junnarkar, Parikshit MS Fall, 2006 Post doctoral fellow at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
Logue, Daniel MS Fall, 2006  
Mbi, Armstrong MS Spring, 2006 Physics Graduate Student at Georgetown Univeristy
Okhuysen, Michel MS Spring, 2006  
Zhang, Xingjun PhD Fall, 2005  
Kim, Sungho PhD Summer, 2005 Assistant Research Professor in Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems(CAVS) at Mississippi
Song, Wenjuan MS Summer, 2005 Credit Risk Analyst at Union Bank, San Francisco, CA
Mai, Mankang MS Fall, 2004 Senior Engineer at marvell Semiconductor, San Francisco, CA
Mazzotti, Fabio PhD Fall, 2004  
Zhen, Hongbo MS Fall, 2004  
Carter, Frances MS Summer, 2004 Scientist at National Institutes of Health, Center for scientific review Bethesda, MD.
Xu, Lina MS Summer, 2004 Geophysics Developer at Bluware Inc. Houston Texas
Koirala, Sudip MS Fall, 2003 Intel Corporation, Oregon
Yousif, Hatim MS Fall, 2003  
Li, Yuan MS Spring, 2003 Analog IC Designer at Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Li, Qiaowu MS Spring, 2002  
Liang, Jie MS Spring, 2002